Wednesday, November 25, 2015

What I Did This Weekend

"What happened to you?", Ashley asked unwrapping her blueberry muffin. "My neighbor happened", I said groaning. "I'm just going to choose not to ask about that. Anyway, what did you do this weekend?", Ashley asked, finishing up her (mini) muffin and reaching for another one . "My neighbor destroyed the universe", I replied. Ashley looked outside the window sky was still there, the grass was still on the ground, and the sun was still shining.'If I had hired her neighbor to destroy the universe for me, I would demand my money back because that neighbor clearly didn't do a good job of it.', Ashley thought. "Alright, fine, I'll ask - What did your neighbor do? Oh, and I only asked because of that face you were making at me earlier that said 'talk to me or else'", said Ashley. I began my story.
       "Britney was at my house on Friday night for a sleepover and suddenly there was a knock at the door. It was 1:00 in the morning so I was pretty curious about who it would be at that time of day. I suspected that the person who lived underneath us came to complain about how loud we were. I was trying so hard to be quiet because I had never lived in an apartment before and wanted to keep all my neighbors happy. But, it turned out that my suspicion was wrong. I looked through the peephole and saw a lady standing there. I was then really confused because, A: The person who lived under me did not look like that and B: It was one a.m and no sane person would be visiting others at this time. For some reason, I open the door and see the lady. I vividly remember how she looked, and this was because of her awkward night look. Her brown hair was spiked and she was wearing a white dress with blue shorts. The lady introduced herself as Michelle. And I told her my name. She apparently was there to welcome me to the building and gave me a bottle of wine to welcome me. I said Thank You for the kind gesture. Just as I am about to close the door, she asks me if she could come in. Again, I make a mistake of letting her in but felt more comfortable because Britney was there. She compliments my apartment. And at this point, I am really confused. She again mentions that she wanted to welcome me to the building and then randomly brings up the price of the wine ($50). I say that I was sorry if I and Britney were being too loud. 'No, I came up here to get your phone number just in case you ARE being too loud '. At one point, she apologizes for the time that she came at. I choose to forgive her thinking that maybe she's bad at keeping track of time. When she left the house, Britney and I were completely dumbfounded because she seemed like a nice lady but her time management was really bad. After a few minutes, she texts me and appologizes for the timing issue. Britney

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