Saturday, February 6, 2016

I.Q. : Kitty Hawk (Book Three)

          Boone, Angela Tucker, and Q (Quest) Munoz are tailing a Chevy Tahoe which currently held two ghost cell operatives, Malak Tucker - an ex Secret Service agent, and none other than Bethany Culpepper - the presidents daughter. For a long time now, the ghost cell has been bombing random locations including places near the White House. The SOS (Some Old Spooks) team is hunting down ghost cell operatives one by one. They followed the black Chevy Tahoe for hours down highway I-95 not wanting to hurt Malak (Angela's mother) or Bethany. 
          A few hours later, four black Chevy Tahoe's stop at a rest station and switch cars. Knowing that they are being watched, the ghost cell operatives cover Malak and Bethany with a tarp that prevented anyone from sensing their heat signatures. That prevented the SOS team from knowing exactly which Tahoe they were in. So the team followed all four of the Tahoe's hoping to find Malak and Bethany in one and hunt down the others. 
          In this hunt for the ghost cell, trust is key. Without trust, the whole operation is down the drain. For example, Malak trusted Boone to take care of her daughter Angela and the President trusted Malak to keep his daughter safe. 
          I would recommend this book to anyone looking for mystery and suspense. This book is full of surprises and can be enjoyed by almost anyone.

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