Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Meet October 24th

Today, I went for a meet at Stevenson High School. As a matter of fact, I wasn’t very enthusiastic about waking up at 6:40 or even going there but I guess I had no choice. This morning, I trudged out of bed and started my daily routine of brushing my teeth and washing my face. For breakfast I had milk, which was quite surprising, considering the fact that last time I had a meet I ate brunch. 

When I got there with my sister the coach rushed us to the warm-ups because we were late. I was disappointed that I got to swim only two laps because of my late arrival. What really surprised me was the number of people in the lane I was swimming in. The line was about twelve yards long. After the warm-ups, we had to wait for a long time before the actual races began. At that time, my sister realized that her swimming was in the afternoon and that there was no point being there at seven o’clock in the morning. 

My first event was 50m freestyle, which is the stroke I’m most proud of. I was really hoping that my time would be 40 seconds or below, but unfortunately I got 3 seconds beyond my goal was (second place). After that event, I had to wait for another half an hour until my next race. My next race was 50m backstroke, another stroke that I am comfortable with. Although this was one of my best strokes, I had a stomach ache and my head felt as it were about to explode because of the tight swim cap that I was wearing. Because I was nervous, I kept on asking the coach about flip-turns and what not. When I went to the designated waiting area for my heat/event, I realized that I didn’t have my goggles on. I rushed back to where my stuff was kept, grabbed my goggles and ran back to my lane. When it was my turn, I jumped in the water. Beep!, went the horn and I took off. When I finished, I looked at the scoreboard. I got second place again! I returned to where I was sitting and got news from the coach that I could practice. I was glad because I was doing something I had never done before at a meet. So, I practiced for about ten minutes, and after that I felt ready. I raced against 4 girls of my age and got third place. Overall I think that this was one of my best meets! ;)

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