Monday, September 7, 2015

Missing: Slender Man

         There was a girl.She had been in the woods/forest, all day because she was mad at her parents so she escaped into the forest through her backyard. That night, she came back. At first everything seemed normal. Her parents were gone, though they hadn't told them where to. She went upstairs to her room when she heard a tapping on the front door. She ran down thinking it was her parents but when she opened it nobody was there. She shut it quickly. She ran upstairs as lights all around the house started flickering. Somebody downstairs had turned on the radio. She kept her door locked. Soon she was so scared, she called the police but once she hung up there was something sliding on her window. It was a white hand writing something on her cold dark window. It wrote: Always Watching, No Eyes. At this point she was freaking out - although she never screamed fearing that whatever had just done those things would use her fearfulness against her. Foolishly - when the doorbell rang she went to answer it thinking it was the police. Surprisingly, there was nobody found at the door which led her to search for whoever had Ding-Dong Ditched her, completely forgetting about all of the terrifying things she had just seen. Being a total numskull she exited her house and set out to find the DDD (Ding-Dong Ditcher) and, in the process of doing that she basically supposedly got lost or disappeared. That night, when her parents came home from the hospital they couldn't find her anywhere!
         Ellen and Robert Smith rushed to the home phone and quickly dialed 911 after loosing hope in finding their girl.  It was nearly 3:00 AM so the only thing Ellen and Robert could do is hang up missing posters for her or just hope for the best. In the morning, they headed to the neighbor hood detective - Leroy Brown, also known as Encyclopedia Jones for his astounding intelligence. As Ellen and Robert skidded to a stop at 923 Greencort Grove Ln, Palatine, CA."Satisfaction for only 25 cents at...",started Leroy. "Yeah,yeah,yeah", said Robert,"We know the rest of your line - but right now we need help. Our daughter Sydney has gone missing and we can't seem to find her anywhere". Leroy frowned, clearly disturbed. He looked through his files of clients he had the past one month. "According to my files there have been many missing people in Southern California so I think you all might be in luck. You see, Sally and I had been searching for clues for this problem an we've seemed to have found something quite handy", he said holding up a wrinkled piece of paper." The person who's been doing these things probably left this behind",Leroy pointed to the piece of paper with their names on it. This is the list of people who have had missing members of the family". Underneath Ellen's and Robert's name was one last name - the one and only Wodehouse's. The Wodehouse's were the grumpiest people in the neighborhood and were really hard to convince, but both of the Smith parents were determined to get their daughter back and believed that they could somehow find a way to persuade the Wodehouse's into getting out of the house. After trying to get int their house 12 times they agreed on one thing."If they're not getting out of the house we're getting in", and with that the Smith's and Leroy went to start their mission."Leroy, go to the front door and have both the Wodehouse's occupied while we get in through the back door."Stalling - my specialty!", Leroy said happily." We'll set up the trap". Sally suddenly emerged from the house. "Can I help?", asked Sally,"Tootsie is hogging the TV"." Sally will help you guys with the trap". With that, they set out to put their plan in action. Knock,knock. Mr.Wodehouse had opened the door. "What?", he boomed. "This is an important issue, so I need Mrs.Wodehouse to be here too". "Get over here", he yelled to Margret Wodehouse. "What do you want?", they asked at the same time."Well..... you see I just needed to tell you that um...... your garden needs to be mowed or else........ you will have to be arrested? The two of them looked at their perfectly cut lawn and blinked at Leroy like he was blind. "What are you actually here for?", asked Mr. Wodehouse.
         Meanwhile Ellen, Robert, and Sally were busy setting up the net in the living room. "I've got to say, I'm impressed - considering how dreadful their house looks on the outside, this is quite a lovely looking house", Sally said looking at the antique's, and furniture. "You know what they all say", Robert said,"Never judge a book by its cover". There was a moment of silence before all of them started laughing hysterically. A young child began walking down the extensive stairs. "Hide and be quiet - some kids have impeccable hearing".
         "I actually wanted to ask if you wanted to get free samples of  Lady Bird Scout cookies". "Hmmm". After a moment of silence they started letting out these high pitched penetrating squeals which sounded really close to a pigs." We've always wanted to get access to the Lady Bird  Scout cookies"!, they yelled. For such groutches they are pretty gullible (Im not even a girl).

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  1. This is quite an interesting and gripping story. I am curious to learn what happened next with the Wodehouses and if Smiths finally located their girl?

    Continue on the story. I couldn't find any major flaws in the writing at all. So good job!