Saturday, July 4, 2015


          The sound of rain reached my ears as I ran through the house looking for the portal. It had to be real. The dream was all too real to just have been a dream. So I searched and searched in every spot and nook in the pocket-sized house. I searched for half an hour but still nothing. I was dissatisfied. Maybe it was just a dream and I just couldn't believe it to be fake. After I looked again, I gave up all hope and stepped into my closet, closing the door with a slam. The portal wasn't in the closet - it was in the kitchen, but I had already checked there and had found nothing that resembled the portal. But I stayed in the closet looking up at the chipped cream colored ceiling. It had to be real, it felt too real. The sounds and the views were much too detailed to be my imagination. Ever since I was a kid I was never really that imaginative. Everyone had told me that I had no imagination at all. That wasn't true though because if the dream wasn't real, It had to be my imagination. That can't be right, I thought because then again I had no imagination. I removed my eyes from the ceiling and looked around the closet. It could be possible that my vision/dream/imagination was wrong and the portal was actually in the closet. So I looked behind all the clothes and in the boxes when a set of bright red eyes met mine. My right hand covered my mouth just as I was about to scream. I bit my nails, blinking multiple times to see if the person in the closet would disappear. I was afraid not only because there was a person in my closet but also because that "person" was the Dark Lord from my dream. He was the reason I had woken up and searched the house for a portal that had led me to the closet. " Seems like I did bring you back home", he said with his most frightening voice. "If you are happy to be back, I will gladly take you back into your dream". He didn't want to see me happy and instead wanted to see me afraid and helpless, as he wanted with every other person in the world. I didn't speak, I couldn't let him know that I want to go back , he would just keep me here. He laughed, standing up, his black coat flying around him. "I see what you are doing, you want to come back. You think you can trick me into letting you go". He walked to the closed doors of my closet and spoke again,"The only problem with that is that...... you cannot trick a trickster". And with that he vanished into a whoosh of black smoke. That was how I ended up here trapped in the closet lonely and helpless. 

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